TripleFLEX II Herbicide

TripleFLEX® II Herbicide

Three Modes Of Action To Attack Tough Weeds

Product Advantages and Benefits

  • TripleFLEX® II Herbicide contains three modes of action for control of ALS-, glyphosate- or triazine-resistant weeds
  • Flexible application window — preplant, pre- emergence and postemergence, up to 11-inch corn
  • Provides broad-spectrum control of 60+ key grasses and small- and large-seeded broadleaf weeds — without atrazine
  • TripleFLEX II Herbicide now offers an updated formulation with a Monsanto-developed safener
  • TripleFLEX II Herbicide delivers crop safety that growers rely on with the Harness® brands and Degree Xtra®
  • Eligible for Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions incentives, up to $1.50 per acre when used with Roundup WeatherMAX®
  • Apply at the Roundup Ready PLUS recommended rate of 2-3 pt/A, depending on soil type
Key Grasses And Broadleaf Weeds Controlled
Palmer amaranth, Kochia, Waterhemp Species, Giant Ragweed, Woolly Cupgrass

Powerful Grass and Broadleaf Weed Control

Harness® Xtra Herbicide — Powerful Grass and Broadleaf Weed Control

Positioning Considerations

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Incentive Calculator

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