Chateau 4L Herbicide

Chateau® 4L Herbicide

Take Control. Keep Control.™

Cotton Layby

Bad News for Weeds at Layby

Chateau® Herbicide keeps cotton fields clean from layby to harvest with exceptional residual control of tough weeds and competitive grasses without leaching concerns.

Tank mix Chateau with Roundup® for:

  • Outstanding burndown plus powerful residual weed control
  • Tough weed control including morningglory, nutsedge, pigweed, common purslane, puncturevine, cheeseweed, ground cherry and annual nightshades
  • Rotational flexibility

Powerful Residual Weed Control

Chateau applied at 2 ox/A with Roundup

How To Use

Rate 2 oz/A Chateau + Roundup Agricultural herbicides
  • Use 44 fl oz/A if morningglory is present otherwise use 32 fl oz/A
  • Add AMS @ 8.5 to 17lbs per 100 gallons to the tank mix
  • Read Roundup Agricultural herbicide label to see if additional surfactant is allowed
  • Hooded and Shielded Sprayers: When crop is at least 6 inches tall
  • Layby: When cotton is at least 18 inches tall and has 4 inches of bark
  • Direct spray to lower 2 inches of bark to avoid crop injury
Carrier volume 15 - 30 GPA
PHI 60 days
Other Important Information
  • Non-ionic surfactant (NIS) maybe be used as an adjuvant at 0.25% v/v if using Roundup PowerMAX. To avoid crop injury, do not use COC, methylated seed oil (MSO) or organosilicone (OS). Reentry interval of 12 hours.
  • Chateau is rainfast in 1 hour
  • Apply up to 4 oz of Chateau per acre during a single growing season. Wait at least 30 days between applications.

Rotational Flexibility

Chateau Rate / Acre Rotation Interval
2 oz

Immediately: peanut, soybean, sweet potato

30 days1: field corn (conventional till only), rice, sorghum, sunflower, tobacco, wheat

3 months: barley, dry and snap bean, peas, rye and sweet corn

4 months2: if soil is tilled: alfalfa, canola, clover, oats, potato, sugar beet and all other crops (8 months without tillage)

6 months: lentils

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