Mauler™ Herbicide

Proven Chemistry, Proven Control

Mauler™ Herbicide is a preemergence herbicide designed to be tank mixed with Valor®, Fierce® or Warrant® brand herbicides, delivering an additional effective mode of action against resistant weeds.

  • Proven chemistry that is part of Roundup Ready PLUS®
  • Tank mix partner to Valor, Fierce, or Warrant brand herbicides
  • Liquid formulation for improved mixing and handling

Common Waterhemp Chart

Palmer Amaranth Chart

How To Use

Rate 6 fl oz/A with Fierce brand herbicides 6-8 fl oz/A with Valor brand herbicides 4-24 fl oz/A with Warrant brand herbicides
Timing Tank mix partner to a burn down or preemergence soybean program
Formulation Liquid metribuzin 4 lb flowable
Package Size 2 x 2.5 gal

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