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Follow the real-life, in-season experiences of Ground Breakers® Field Trials Under Permit farmers as they trial Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans and Bollgard II® XtendFlex® cotton.

Through regular video updates, you too can follow their fields and experiences through the entire growing season.

Follow A Field

Meet the 2015 Growers

Chris Porter

Matthews, MO | Soybeans

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Hal Bateman

Columbia, NC | Soybeans

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Dave Opperman

Lincoln, IL | Soybeans

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Ted Hamer

Traer, IA | Soybeans

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Meet the 2014 Growers

Micah Rone

Portageville, MO | Soybeans

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Kirk Martin

Mason City, IL | Soybeans

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Kevin Gerlach

Nevada, IA | Soybeans

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Mike Jordan

Gordon, AL | Cotton

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Meet the 2013 Growers

Bruce Tiffany

Redwood Falls, MN | Soybeans

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Darren Brown

Matthews, MO | Soybeans

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Allen Sasse

Beason, IL | Soybeans

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