Hero Insecticide

Hero® Insecticide

Corn, Soybean, & Cotton Insecticide

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Hero® Insecticide is now eligible for Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions incentives when used at a rate of 6 oz. along with a Roundup® agricultural herbicide*
- $.50/A cash-back incentive in soybeans and corn

Reliable and Convenient Insecticide

  • Powerful combination of two pyrethroid-based insecticides with complimentary activity against yield-robbing pests that other insecticides may miss
  • Excellent control on multi-pest complexes common in corn, soybeans and cotton
  • Provides activity on a wide spectrum of insects and excellent length of control for more value from your insecticide dollar
  • Effective tank-mix partner with fungicides and foliar fertilizers for greater efficiency and ease of application

Enhanced insect and mite control, perfect for anytime during the season

Corn Application Recommendations
2.6 - 6.1 oz/A

Cutworms, flea beetle, western bean cutworm, grasshoppers, stalk borer.

4.0 - 10.3 oz/A

Aphids, armyworm, corn rootworm (adults), cereal leaf beetle, chinch bug, European corn borer, corn earworm, hornworms, Japanese beetle (adults), southern corn leaf beetle, corn blotch leafminer (adult), sap beetle, southwestern corn borer, stink bugs, webworms.

10.3 oz/A

Banks grass mite, carmine mite, two-spotted spider mite, lygus species.

Special Information

12 hour REI; 30 day PHI grain/stover; 60 day PHI forage/silage; 3 day PHI sweet corn.

Do not apply more than 41.2 oz/acre per season including at-plant applications (27.4 oz/acre on sweet corn, foliar use only).

Cotton Application Recommendations
3.6 - 5.2 oz/A

European corn borer, grasshoppers, soybean (banded) thrips.

5.2 - 6.4 oz/A

Armyworms (fall and yellowstriped), bollworm, cotton aphid, cotton flea hopper, cutworms, stink bugs.

10.3 oz/A

Beet armyworm, carmine spider mite, Lygus species, pink bollworm, two spotted spider mite, whiteflies.

Special Information

12 hour REI, 14 day PHI.

Use minimum 1 gallon/acre of finished spray by air or 5 gallons/acre finished spray by ground.

Maximum Total Seasonal Rate: 46.5 oz/A per season.

Soybean Application Recommendations
2.6 - 6.1 oz/A

Bean leaf beetle, cutworms, flea beetle, grasshoppers, green cloverworm, thistle caterpillar, silverspotted skipper.

4.0 - 10.3 oz/A

Alfalfa caterpillar, armyworms, blister beetle, corn rootworm (adult), corn earworm, cowpea curculio, cucumber beetle (adult), dectes stem borer, European corn borer, hornworms, false chinch bug, grape colaspis (adult), hornworms, Japanese beetle (adult), leafhoppers, leafminers (adult), loopers, Mexican bean beetle, seedcorn maggot (adult), soybean aphid, spittlebug, thrips, stink bugs, webworm, woolly bear caterpillar.

10.3 oz/A

Two-spotted spider mite, lygus species, whitefly.

12 hour REI, 21 day PHI.

Do not apply more than 41.2 oz/acre per season. Read and follow label directions.

Product Attributes Benefits
Longer Residual Activity with Fast Knockdown Combines quick knockdown with longer pyrethroid residual for economical cotton insect pest and mite control.
Broad-Spectrum Insect Control Controls key insects: bollworms, armyworms, stink bugs, plant bugs, fleahoppers, grasshoppers, and mites.
Flexibility Application Can be applied alone or in tank mixes, ground or air, ULV application

Foliar Feeding
Insects feeding on plant leaves
Disease Transmission
Diseased plant leaves
Bloom Feeding
Insects feeding on plant blooms
Pod Feeding
Insects feeding on seed pods
Hero insecticide is a restricted use pesticide.

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