Valor® EZ Herbicide

Valor® EZ Herbicide

Valor® EZ Herbicide: Proven Performance, Now in a Liquid

Valor® EZ Herbicide is a liquid formulation herbicide that provides proven preemergence weed control in early preplant burndown and preemergence programs.

  • Easy Mixing and Loading: The liquid formulation of Valor EZ stays in suspension and offers easy mixing with other burndown and preemergence herbicides
  • Proven Control of Tough Weeds: Valor EZ offers proven performance on a broad spectrum of tough weeds, like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and more
  • Residual Protection: Valor EZ provides 4-6 weeks of residual weed control, so growers can plan a timely postemergence herbicide application
  • Concentrated Formulation: Treat four times the number of acres with one jug of Valor EZ liquid versus the WDG formulation

Valor EZ Extends Control of Tough Weeds with a Strong Residual

How To Use

Rate Cotton: 1.5-3 fl oz/A; Soybeans: 2-3 fl oz/A
Timing Cotton: 30 days prior to planting for conventional tillage; 21 days prior to planting reduced/no-till
Cotton Layby: 16 inches tall; direct spray to lower 2 inches of cotton stem
Soybeans: Up to 3 days after planting
Method Cotton: Ground or air
Cotton Layby: Ground
Soybeans: Ground or air
Spray Volume Ground: Minimum 10 GPA for conventional tillage; minimum 15 GPA for reduced/no-till
Air: Minimum 5 GPA for conventional tillage; minimum 7 GPA for reduced/no-till

Valor Controls Tough Weeds: Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp

Easy Mixing with the Liquid Formulation of Valor EZ

Benefits of the liquid formulation:

  • Consistent application: Liquid formulation ensures even distribution of product in the spray system
  • Easy mixing and loading: Better suspension in liquid formulation, fewer jugs to handle

Other Important Information

  • Minimal rotation restrictions to all other major row crops in a growing season
  • REI: 12 hours

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