Zeal SC Miticide

Zeal® SC Miticide

Long Lasting Mite Control

Zeal® SC Miticide is a true miticide for soybeans, providing long-lasting control of mites with a single application. The liquid SC formulation makes it easier than ever to load, mix and apply Zeal SC on your soybean elds. Zeal SC removes the yield-drag potential that two-spotted spider mite, Banks grass mite and other species of spider mite can cause on your farm.

  • Works from beginning to end: affects all life stages of mites from eggs to maturity
  • Unique mode of action: controls mites through translaminar activity; spraying the top of the leaf goes through to reach the bottom where mites feed
  • Farm friendly: formulated for ease of use and application with a low use rate and easy-to-mix liquid formulation

Targeted, Powerful Control of Mites in Soybeans

How To Use

Rate 3 fl oz/A before row closure; 4 oz/A after row closure
Timing Apply at or before mite threshold. One application per season.
Method Apply by ground or air. Good coverage is essential. Apply in a minimum of 3 gal/A by air or 10 gal/A by ground.
PHI No later than R5
REI 12 hours

Valent Guidelines — Mite Management Program

  1. Apply Early

    Don't wait until mites are above recommended thresholds for the crop. Apply miticides at or before your economic threshold.

  2. Apply According to the Label Instructions

    Follow label instructions on correct product and water rate per acre. If there are restrictions on tank mixing or additives, such as adjuvants or spreader stickers, follow these specific instructions. Take the time to thoroughly cover the crop and do not skip rows or spray perimeters. Maintain a continuous speed with ground and air equipment while spraying.

    Increasing speeds often results in more drift and reduced coverage.

  3. Get Acquainted with Your Mites and Neighbors

    Understand the mite species that neighboring growers have in their fields. Evaluate the potential for mite migration from one field to another based on cropping practices and specific crops that are recognized mites hosts.

  4. Fight the Mite for the Long Haul

    Managing mites is not a single event or one application of a miticide. Mites are prolific organisms. In addition, they use many crop hosts to survive adverse effects. Controlling mites with a management approach will ensure a win in the battle against yield damages caused by mites. Always consider the big picture and use historical control information to drive the course of the new management practices in your crops.

  5. Be Proactive Against Resistance

    Growers can leverage a number of strategies to help protect currently labeled miticides and reduce the onset of mite resistance. Along with using a miticide growth regulator such as Zeal SC, rotate multiple, effective modes of action and apply appropriate, labeled rates to ensure the best, long-term results.

Other Important Information

  • Compatible with fungicides, post emergence herbicides and most adjuvants (no sticker-type adjuvants)
  • Zeal SC is a mite growth inhibitor and is the only miticide in IRAC group 10B

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